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I'm Drew Case, the owner of NC Aeroworks. I am a passionate CFI/CFII located in Rockingham, North Carolina offering some of the best tailwheel flight training in the area. I strive to make safety and quality instruction the highest priorities, allowing you to gain the skills you need to take your aviation goals further, the right way.

I have been flying for 17 years in multiple aircraft with my tailwheel, complex, high-performance, spin endorsements, and more. It is my goal to make your training the best and most fun experience possible.

Contact Drew

Ready to fly? Reach out today to see how I can help expand your aviation skills and capability with the added benefit of tailwheel flight.

(603) 998-1709

Maule M5 210C

The primary training aircraft is an IFR rated 1974 Maule M5 210C.

  • It has plenty of power with it's 210 HP Continental IO-360D engine.

  • It has a fabric wrapped fuselage, making it very light, weighing in at only 1375 pounds.

  • There is plenty of space in the cabin with its clam shell doors in the back allowing greater access to the rear two seats and/or gear.

  • Just with this aircraft, you can receive both tailwheel and high-performance endorsements and much more.

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